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"People Helping People Learn How to Help Themselves"

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The SVM Global Initiative

Ending Poverty to Strengthen The World Economy

OUR MISSION is to empower people to accept themselves as individual business entities. We provide

the means for everyone experiencing financial instability to generate and sustain an income by

monetizing and promoting their God-given gifts of commerce, interests or trade skills.

Rev. Sheila V. is a Native Cherokee Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach, Prophetess, and Universal Life Church Minister, who has devoted eighteen years of her life to the development of The Sheila V. Mission (SVM) project. SVM is a commercial venture to convert abandoned military bases into places to end poverty and homelessness, with returns on investment (ROI) being both humanitarian and profitable. It is a one-size-fits-all solution to many of the eco-socio issues of the day, as it shifts power to the people to support the global economy in (co-op)eration with corporations, and government; neither above nor below, but in sync on the path to establishing income equality. The process reads like a biography of Rev. Sheila V's life as a single parent, having struggled with chronic homelessness, before, during and after serving as a U.S. Air Force Reservist and veteran of the Persian Gulf War. In the civilian sector Rev. Sheila V. worked as an executive assistant to the senior management staff of Fortune 500 companies in the Greater Los Angeles area, calling on their expertise to help her perfect a business plan on how to remedy the broken parts of a system as she was trapped within. 

"And The Meek . . ."

The Sheila V. Mission Project was filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2011, as the non-profit organization, SVM ReDesign Your Life America. In 2013, the organization established The SVM Global Initiative, which is a community wealth development project. The initiative evolved into what is today, The SVM Global Business System, A Globally Unifying Humanitarian Effort to Achieve Income Equality. This process begins with transitioning welfare recipients into members of The SVM Global Learning Center and out as successful members of society, reaping the rewards of entrepreneurship, then paying it forward to perpetuate the system until poverty no longer exists.


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SVM ReDesign Your Life America was to be implemented in three phases upon the bases we were to acquire:

Phase One: In-Processing,

Phase Two: Facilities/Housing and Program Development, and

Phase Three: Business Development, Vocational Training, and Placement.

The three phases are now separate limited liability corporations (LLCs) that work together to form The SVM Global Business System (SVMG). Our range of services can exceed the scope of a typical non-profit. SVMG can deliver services as wide-ranging as needed to accommodate the diversity of members registering.

The journey to income stability begins at "The Learning Center," where military veterans and civilians, individuals and families, citizens and migrants in crisis are regarded equally, as club members with special needs.

In-processing includes an assessment of basic living requirements from housing to healthcare, education to vocational training and/or employment. Once basic needs have been determined and accommodated, participants will continue advancing through the system until income stability is achieved, sustainable and members are able to PAY-IT-FORWARD.

The next level of achievement is measured by conduct, contribution to society, and to the Earth, we live on. RSV

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